New Years Eve Party

New Years Eve Party

On New Years Eve 2022, some friends from the Lizard Lounge threw a party at Brooklyn Burj in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Secret Atomics helped the organizers produce lights and projections for three event spaces.

Michael Edgcumbe · 1 minute read

Dima Markus led a group of investors for a New Years Eve party at Brooklyn Burj, a venue in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. The event included a lineup of DJs from the New York House music scene and visual artists like Chika, Bruno Kruse, and Secret Atomics.

Michael Edgcumbe produced a flyer for the event in Unreal, and Dima marketed the event on Instagram with images produced from Midjourney.

Some videos below show the art from the event:

Upstairs Lounge

Downstairs Dancefloor

DJ Booth

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