Exploring Data Visualization on the Vision Pro

Exploring Data Visualization on the Vision Pro

I used a previous sketch of an LED strip along with some ShaderGraphMaterial modifiers to create an exploration of data visualization for the Apple Vision Pro.

Michael Edgcumbe · 1 minute read

In the first iteration of the exploration, I added length to the lights at the base of the array to represent a slim, 3D bar chart.

In the second iteration, I expanded the number of strips to add some depth to the visualization. I pushed the number of objects to a point that the simulator crashed, and it made me wonder how accurate that was to that hardware's capabilities.

In the last iteration, I asked myself the question, what if this were the map in the Westworld HQ office? I added some rotation to the strips and reduced the number of reference points so I could increase the number of strips to fill up the density of the circle. In this case, it's just presenting GameplayKit's Perlin Noise GKNoise map, modified by a sine wave to present and update the underlying location on the noice map.

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